Aidyn - Social Media & Marketing

How do you take your coffee?   ☕️
It depends! If I’m making coffee at home I am an avid Moka Pot user- nothing added. But if I've already made the trek to the patisserie, then I'm treating myself to a latte.
Do you have a morning ritual? 🌇
When I wake up the first thing I do (after coffee) is take my dog Brea for a walk. She’s the type of dog to beg to go outside when in, and beg to go inside when out- so we average at least three walks a day.

Relationship status?  💚

When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?  🖍️
I always thought I would be a farmer. Growing up in Alaska, it was important to me to be outdoors. I always loved gardening and growing our own berries to make jam- and I was dedicated to owning a berry farm at 5 years old.

What would you name your boat/band / thoroughbred horse? 🎵
Do you think I’m going to let someone take my band name? TOP SECRET!

What is your spirit animal (or plant?!) and why? 🐰
Either a rabbit or a deer, I love their graceful yet powerful energy. I have tattoos of both!

Why Retold?  ♻️💚
As a person with a passion for fashion and art, Retold seemed like a great fit for me. My time with the team has been nothing but learning and growing. I am so thankful to be a part of the #NoLanfill mission!