Allyson - Brand Partnerships

How do you take your coffee?  ☕️
My Perfect cup of coffee is a pour over with half and half.
Do you have a morning ritual?  🌇
I start my mornings snuggling with my dog and two little girls!
What is the scariest / hardest thing you've ever done?  👻
I completed an ironman triathlon the year I turned 30. The race was 2.2 mile swim, 112 mi bike ride and then I finished if the day running a full marathon!

What is your spirit animal (or plant?!) and why? 🐶
My favourite animal is my dog Ellie because she is pure love and happiness!
Why Retold?  ♻️💚
I am passionate about Retold's sustainability mission and I love Retold's positive and flexible company culture.