Scraps Bags 10 Pack
Scraps Bags 10 Pack

Scraps Bags 10 Pack

Recycle all your DIY textile scraps and bits with Retold’s new Scraps Bags. Perfect for DIYers who are undertaking a large project or just want some bags handy!

Always have a Retold Scraps Bag in hand! You’ll never have to worry about not having a Scraps Bag. 

Our 10 pack is perfect for hobbyists and pros who have a lot of scraps. We know that now every scrap is useful, so toss it into your Scraps bag and well ensure that it stays out of a Landfill. Pre-labelled & pre-paid - Hassle Free! 

♻️ What do you get?

Other than getting the opportunity to save a total of 50 lbs of your DIY scraps from being wasted, you get 10 Scrap Bags upfront! The Scraps Bag is only for scraps. Have more scraps to recycle? Why not try out The Annual Scraps Bags or The Quarterly Scraps Bags.

📏 How big is a Retold Bag?

Each Retold bag can hold up to approx. 5 lbs. Bag dimensions are 15x15x4”, that's about the size of a pillowcase. Think about how much you're recycling!

🧶 What can go into a Scraps Bag?

Any and all DIY textile scraps! Left over fabric from a quilting project? Those pesky threads after a sowing job? Yarn which is too small for your next project? It can all go into The Scraps Bag. 
For more information please refer to our FAQs.

🚫 What can’t go in the scraps bags:

Leather | Coated textiles (PVC, polyurethane, etc.) | Scrims using plastic | Down filled items | Wet or Chemical residue on the materials | Neoprene

🤗 Looking to recycle your clothes?  

The recycling process of textiles is different from the recycling of clothes, but not to worry we’ve got you covered! Try The Threesome or The Annual Subscription to become a pro recycler!


Never throw out textiles or clutter your home with unwanted clothes again…

GATHER YOUR GEAR & get your bags

Collect all the textiles in your home - that's right, we take pretty much everything* 

Then order your bag or sign up for a Subscription. Subscriptions are great for families, people who love shopping or those who need a prompt to cleanse... (Hands up if you drive around with bags of clothes in your trunk?!)

*Check out our FAQs


Fill your bag - with one sock or cram it full - and drop it off to your post box, mail room, door man etc. Each bag has a pre-paid label attached so you'll never have to wait in line at the Post Office.

We'll then begin telling a new story with your unwanted items...


Together with our partners, we'll sift and sort your goods, sending them to thrift stores, donation centers, recyclers, resellers and up-cyclers. We're proud to say nothing will go from your Retold bag to landfill!